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Elmhurst, Inc. offers a variety of employment, training and educational services to meet the needs of people with developmental, psychiatric, cognitive, and physical disabilities. Trained staff work with individuals, families, and local businesses to develop job opportunities within the local area.

Supported employment staff provide assistance in all aspects of the employment experience. They help individuals compose their own resumes to be given out to potential employers. Job coaches help applicants to choose careers that suit their qualifications.  Once a consumer lands a position, job coaches work with the employer to be sure their new employee is trained properly. Job coaches will continue to work with consumers at their new place of employment, making sure they know the requirements of their positions and that they are ready to handle any situation that may come up.

The Elmhurst, Inc. staff have established a number of long standing relationships with area businesses. Job sites include CVS, Big Top Deli, McDonalds, Papa John’s Pizza, American Red Cross, and many others. Individuals working at these locations make minimum wage or better.

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