Residential Programs

The Residential Services and supports provided by Elmhurst, Inc. are based on individual needs. The goal of these services is to encourage the highest level of independence among our residents.

A variety of residential options

We have a variety of residential options ranging from individual homes to group home settings. All of our programs are developed in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services and are staffed around the clock by trained staff.

Individual goals are set for each person with input from the individual and their planning team. These goals are wide ranging and vary from individual to individual. We strive to assist people to live meaningful lives in their community through increasing community access and using community resources. Residential services generally include community living skills, social and personal development, medical management, fostering family contact and friendships, as well as ensuring individuals enjoy a variety of social opportunities and experiences. Staff focuses on creating a home environment while building skills to increase independence.

Residential homes are located in Bath, West Bath, Wiscasset, Phippsburg, Topsham and our new ADA compliant Duplex in Woolwich.