Helping Adults With Disabilities Succeed

Get support through our non-profit organization in Bath, ME

Adults with disabilities can rely on our non-profit organization to provide them with the resources they need to lead a safe, fulfilling life. Elmhurst Inc. offers a variety of adult disability programs to help make sure that people's needs are met. From training people at their jobs to bringing groups to Sea Dogs games, we provide all kinds of local opportunities to grow.

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Increased Independence, Supported Living

And to promote and support responsible choice making by people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and autism in the Mid Coast area.

Start using the disability programs available in Bath, ME

People living with disabilities often face roadblocks in life. It's our goal to provide plenty of resources and education programs so people can live how they want to live. Our adult disability programs help members master the skills they need in the workplace, at home and in social situations.

We have programs to aid in:

Our job coaching services make it easier for people with disabilities to keep steady jobs. We offer support for people living on their own, as well as residential options for disabled adults. Contact us today to ask about the adult disability programs available throughout Bath, ME.

Enjoy a more vibrant and fulfilling social life

We provide safe, staffed and supportive environments where members can truly thrive. Adults in our program will be able to try new things and succeed on their own while having the resources and support they need.

Support Growth and Enrichment

Turn to Elmhurst for job training and community support